“Co-Branded Credit Card Happy-Tirana Bank” project launched

We are very glad to announce the go live of our new project in collaboration with Tirana Bank as a great strategic partner, joining the Loyalty program through Co-Branded Credit Card.A big “Thank you” goes to the great work and synergy invested from our colleagues of Tirana Bank, Balfin IT team and Qivos partner that made possible the successful implementation of this project.

“Co-Branded Credit Card Happy-Tirana Bank” as a competitive advantage in the Albanian Market offering to our loyal customers:

• Double happy points for each purchase at SPAR, NEPTUN, JUMBO, FGA stores

• Possibility to pay via installments from 2-12 months with 0% interest

• 500 ALL open voucher when reaching first level of 5000 points

• 500 ALL open voucher when reaching second level of 10.000 points

*Open voucher means that the client can use it wherever he wants at JUMBO/NEPTUN/SPAR/FGA for every purchase >1000ALL

• All new customers who will apply for a credit card at Tirana Bank, from now on will get co-branded Happy Tirana Bank

• All existing customers at first must ensure they already have a Happy card ( if not they can register on it)

What about the Tirana Bank customers that do already possess a credit card? Do they get the “Co-Branded Credit Card Happy-Tirana Bank” benefits?

Absolutely YES!This project takes care to support all type of clients.For the existing TB Credit- Card holders, it is possible to go at any branch of Tirana Bank and apply to have the benefits of Co-Branded Credit Card using the same card.The process of assigning the new attributes will not take longer than 2 minutes and the customer experience will be greater than ever.

This was a great collaboration between On Solutions and Tirana Bank bringing in place one unique product, which will be an added value to our customers empowering and differentiating our brands in the market.

We also trust you will enjoy the “Co-Branded Credit Card Happy-Tirana Bank” benefits and will be the best ambassadors for promoting it to your friends and family members