The Automated NPS Project from OnSolutions takes customer experience to another level

OnSolutions has implemented the Automated NPS project for retail partners. This project offers retail partners the opportunity to receive customer feedback immediately after each in-store purchase.

Every customer of BALFIN Group companies’ will now feel valued by a caring partner, thus managing to differentiate BALFIN Group as a leader in the standards of services provided.

Now, with the implementation of the automated NPS (Net Promoter Score), retailers will be able to track very quickly how satisfied their customers are and understand how effective their business strategies are, in order to make decisions based on analysis.

By managing to build the right strategies to turn “detractors” into “promoters”, as well as establishing NPS as a key performance indicator for stores or staff, each retail company, along with OnSolutions, will create a higher standard as well as a centric customer service.

“If you’re not using a customer feedback loop, then you’re missing out on a crucial tool for improving your business. That customer experience is the best competitive advantage you can have, and the best predictor of long-term success,” said Evjeni Lulo, BPO & Customer Experience Manager.

The Automated NPS Project is only the first project for this year, as OnSolutions is working hard to implement a series of projects that aim to support each of its partners in strengthening and growing their business.

OnSolutions, one of the newest companies of BALFIN Group established in 2020, offers Customer Loyalty Programs, Market Research, Customer Care & Customer Experience services. OnSolutions manages Albania’s largest loyalty program, HAPPY, with nearly 388,000 members being rewarded each year. With expertise and innovation in focus, OnSolutions offers next-level experiences for customers.