Credit Card Visa Classic Co-Branded

Only one Card - Many points, many benefits!

The biggest Happy Loyalty Program in Albania – HAPPY, in collaboration with Tirana Bank comes with an UNIC product ‘’Credit Card Visa Classic Co-Branded’’.

“Co-Branded Credit Card Happy-Tirana Bank” comes as a competitive advantage in Albanian market which offers you:

  • Double Happy points for every purchases in all stores: SPAR, NEPTUN, JUMBO, FGA
  • Installments from 2-12 months for each purchase over 6,000 LEK / 50 EUR at Tirana Bank POS.
  • Open coupon 500 ALL when you reach the first level of 5.000 points
  • Open coupon worth 500 ALL when you reach the second level of 10.000 points
  • Open coupon means that the customer can use it in any of the stores: JUMBO/NEPTUN/SPAR/FGA for any purchase over 1,000 ALL, only for the payment with Co-Branded card
  • Personalized offers
  • Bonus Points for special events