Terms & Conditions


Happy Loyalty Program is created to reward the loyal customers of the participant companies based on their purchases and special offers for members. It is a point-based program with two cards, HAPPY and HAPPY+.

The Members of the loyalty scheme will enjoy unique benefits like:
– Points collecting from each purchase at participant companies stores (physical /e-shops)
– Unique offers that help members to earn more points based on purchases or individual characteristics (performance)
– Ad-Hoc Occasions (Birthday, Events, etc.)

For the better support of members there are dedicated communication channels

Happy Loyalty Program, represented from the company Elektro-Servis (‘The Company’), member of Balfin Group, based in Tirana Albania with NUIS K81313011R and maintains its headquarters in Tirana, Albania “Shkelqim Fusha” Street, maintains and processes members data with confidentially and respect for privacy and protection by taking all needed technical and organizational measures and actions.

1. Registration at program / Membership
The process of being member of Happy Loyalty Program, could be:

i. Physical Stores / Branches
– New member could visit any store of the participant companies in order to apply for new membership
– New member have to provide his mobile telephone number and take membership card (plastic)
New member could provide his data by filling the paper application form, visit website, contact Customer Care.

ii. By visiting Loyalty Program official web site – www.happy.al
– With this method the new member will have ONLY electronic card
– The new member should create his individual profile with his/her mobile phone.
– Afterwards will receive a verification code and will proceed with the entry of personal info
– In order to complete the new member registration the user should accept the terms and conditions.

2. Collect and Redeem Points

– Each member card is and remains the property of the loyalty program Happy.
– The membership card is strictly personal and not transferable.
– The membership card is not credit or debit card. The member, with his appearance, cannot make money transactions, except to enjoy privileges, as they will be disclosed by the program.
– The company reserves the right to unilaterally modify the reward system. In this case the company should notify all members by notification at the web site www.happy.al
– The membership card and the privileges program are valid only in the Republic of Albania and the branch network of the participant companies in the Albanian territory.
– The card can be replaced in case of loss, theft or destruction by contacting Contact Support (here) or going to the physical Shops, at any branch of Happy Loyalty Program store companies network.


– The Company reserves the right to terminate the Program membership of the customer, (or even prohibit any use of the card in specific cases of illegal actions or fraud) at any time with prior notification via Email.
-The Company is entitled to unilaterally modify any of the terms of this agreement, including how the points and the amount of rewards are calculated. Any such modification shall be communicated to the program members by any appropriate means in the contact details he/her has stated in this application or by posting any modification within the company’s branches, website etc.
If, for any reason, the Company modifies part or all of the terms of the Program or changes the privilege of the program, the member has no claim against the Company as soon as he gave prior the approval for any changes on terms and is already acknowledged that it is a privileged program provided by company loyalty.
If the card is not used for more than two (2) years the company will notify the member via Email and/or Viber Message 2 months before the expiration date. If the member shall not use the card before its expiration the card shall be deactivated.


– The company reserves the right to process its personal data in order to improve the management of its clientele and to promote its products for the benefit of all clientele.
– The company collects directly from the member when signing up for the program the following data:
Name, Surname, Gender, Address, City, Code, Tel., Email, Date of Birth
– Only members of the age of 18 or above should be able to subscribe to the Program and its privileges. If it is encountered that any personal data has been collected from a person under the age of 18 without a verifiable parental consent, these data are going to be deleted as soon as possible.

– The purposes for which we process the members’ data are as following:
– Grant and redeem points the member have collected.
– Send newsletters, Viber messages SMS and/or Phone calls about our news, new products and general offers.
– Send special personalized bids that are exclusively for the member as extra privileges of the card holders and are in line with their preferences.

– Transmission to Third Parties
Members’ personal data will be processed by QIVOS – WE CREATE CUSTOMER LOYALTY A.E. (www.qivos.gr) Athens, Greece that provides Happy Program with the software platform (CRM) loyalty program services and acts on behalf. This Company takes the same measures of protection of the members’ personal data with our Company and processes the members’ data only in the context of our express and written mandate and based on the specific provisions/boundaries regarding the processors of personal data of the Albanian Law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008 On Protection of Personal Data, as amended.
a. The Company will not share with any third party the members personal data, without his/her consent, with the exception of Balfin Group Companies and its affiliates.
– The member gives his consent for their personal data to be accessed, registered, and processed by Balfin Companies and its affiliates for the purposes mentioned above, and including the below exceptions:
– When it is necessary that any person from the staff, employees, agents, contractors, suppliers or partners in business of the company and/or companies of Balfin Group, to perform a service for the latter, or to complete a duty in the Republic of Albania (including marketing assistance, market research or customer service; and administration of his/her membership, products supply or services offered for the member now or in the future or lotteries of discount prices, competitions for prices or promotions). The client accepts that any of the persons mentioned in this section may be of Albanian or a foreign citizenship, duly authorized to process the data of the clients by Balfin companies and its affiliates, strictly and only for the purposes mentioned in this document.
– Professional advisors of The Company or Balfin Group companies and its affiliates, or when they are bound to make the clients data known so that they may meet the legal bounds or juridical authorities.

5.2 Time of Observation of Personal Data
The Company maintains and processes your data for as long as your membership card remains active.

5.3 Privacy Policy
The personal data processing process is conducted in a way that ensures its confidentiality. The Company and its affiliates use the appropriate technical and organizational security measures, follow rules and other procedures to protect your personal data from any unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, redundant, disclosure, loss or accidental / unlawful destruction and any other form of illicit processing.

5.4 Member Rights
Please be aware that for all of the above-mentioned processing purposes, the member may exercise, at any time, the right to access, correct and / or delete your Personal Data, by contacting the Program Customer Care via the following contact channels:
-> Tel: +355 44803999:
-> Email: loyalty@happy.al
Or directly at official website www.happy.al contact form (link here to redirect to website submenu Contact).

The members have the following rights:
– To ask for a copy of personal data that the company holds about them (the company sends the terms via e-mail in the registering moment)
– To request (in certain circumstances) for the deletion of personal data; where there no longer stands a legal ground to retain them (the right of erasure or to be forgotten);
– To ask the company to update and correct any out-of-date or incorrect personal data that the company holds about the member (the right of rectification);
– To opt out of any marketing communications that the company may send to the member and to object to the company using / holding members personal data if the company have no legitimate reasons to do so (the right to object);
– To ask the company (in certain circumstances) to ‘restrict processing of data; which means that we would need to secure and retain the data for the members benefit but not otherwise use it (the right to restrict processing);
– In the event that one of the above mentioned rights is exercised, the Company will take every possible action to satisfy the claim within one (1) month of its submission and identification, informing the member in writing of the satisfaction of their request or the reasons which impede the exercise of the right to them, and / or the satisfaction of one or more of the above-mentioned rights in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.