The card

Happy card is an innovative loyalty program which rewards customers for their brand loyalty. Happy card works with a point system, that you collect for each purchase.
With Happy + you have the same benefits as in Happy card. The only difference is that you will be eligible to receive direct discounts at all Neptun stores.
The card is designed to reward you by offering a variety of privileges. There will be dedicated offers and extra points just for you. You can check the points and coupons at any time in our website, update your data and change the product without receipt.
You can only apply for one Happy card with the same number.
Happy card is individual and should be used only by the person who applied.
Yes, you can do so. The card becomes active at the time of the sale and from that moment you can start collecting points for your purchase.
If you don’t have the card physically, you can give your phone number to the cashier. You can also open the digital card in the mobile APP.
No, the card is personal and you can’t be transferred to another person.
If you remain inactive for 24 months, the membership expires. You will be notified before the deactivation.


You can use your Happy card at all Neptun, Jumbo, Spar and Fashion Group stores all over Albania.

New Member

You can become a Happy card member by applying in all our partner stores, website or calling customer care.
To have a Happy + card you should visit our Neptun stores.
To register and get a card it is necessary a mobile number. To benefit from the card, you must fill in the full data such as: Name/Surname, Gender, Phone Number, Address/ City, Birthday, e-mail, Client’s signature
No, the Happy cards are for free.
If you are a Neptun customer and have the existing card, you can benefit by upgrading your card to a Happy + for free. If you are a Neptun customer and you don’t have the existing card, you should pay to get a Happy +.
You can apply for a digital card on our Website at the ‘join program’ option, without necessarily going to the store.
You can take a plastic card at all our stores just with a phone number.
If you get a digital card you earn more Bonus points and you can apply for it without necessarily going to the store.

Existing member

No, it’s not necessary to have a Happy card if you have a Happy + card. All points and benefits earned on the Happy card will be transferred at the Happy + card.
You can upgrade the card in all Neptun stores or just by calling our customer care support at 044 80 39 99.
You can only apply for one Happy card with the same number.
No, you can’t keep the old benefits on your new card. You can earn new points on your new card and use the benefits at our stores.
No it’s not necessary, you can use a digital card in your purchase, the plastic card is not needed in this case.
You can get a replacement card on your next visit to any of our stores.
No, you can take the new card for free.
You can access to your account in our website with your credentials or on the Happy Loyalty Program application. There you can see your point, coupons and your transaction details.
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it on the website.

Collect points

With 100ALL spent at Spar, Jumbo and Fashion Group Albania, you earn 5 points on the Happy Card. With 100ALL spent at Neptun and Smartpoint, you earn 2.5 points on the Happy Card.
You can earn extra Bonus points at the time of the register when you complete all the data. Also on specific dates such as your birthday we gift you with more bonus points.
Any product that you returned will decrease the points you received from that purchase.
In special cases, you can transfer points only through our customer care.
You can be informed about the balance of your points: -In our website www.happy.al, to your personal account. -Mobile APP, Happy Loyalty Program. - In stores. - In social media. -Calling our customer care service number 044 80 39 99.
Your points expire after a calendar year from the last purchase you've made. In advance you will be inform in your phone number by SMS or on your e-mail, when you are near the points expiration date.
If you have problems with your points call to customer care support 044 80 39 99.
If you don’t have the card with you, you can give your phone number to the cashier in order for your points to be registered. If you don’t give your phone number, you can’t earn points for that purchase.
You can earn point for each purchasing made in our partner stores: Neptun, Spar, Fashion Group Albania, Smartpoint and Jumbo. Ongoing you will also receive points for purchases made online.
If your membership expires, the benefits and points in your account will automatically expire too.

Spend Points (vouchers)

You will be informed about your rewards via SMS or e-mail.
You will benefit with two voucher levels, with your accumulated points.
With just 5.000 points you gain a booklet of 6 vouchers.
To gain the second level with a booklet of 5 vouchers you need to reach 10.000 points.
You will be able to choose to redeem your vouchers on first level or you can continue to accumulate points. If you reach the maximum score of the points of the second level, the coupons are automatically activated.
Vouchers are electronic and cannot be lost. Cashiers can see the coupon, when they scan the customer’s cards.